About Academy

At D'CHOCOLATIERE ACADEMY, you will just not learn moulding or demoulding of chocolates! We have designed specialized courses according to your skill level, where you will just not spend few hours learning it, but understanding it in set of days with chapter wise orientation, to achieve the required skill.

It is very important for you to understand the depths to work with the luscious ingredients & this is our only focus to bring in the craftsmanship in you, which you can accomplish after finishing desired levels. What you benefit from joining D'CHOCOLATIERE ACADEMY is that you just don't waste your time sitting & just taking notes, like how a DEMO class is & the other day you wonder what you learnt!

At D'CHOCOLATIERE ACADEMY you learn under Internationally trained professional with FULL HANDS ON practical class, where you learn the techniques, practice it yourself, understand the recipe formulations & depths about usage of ingredients, hence a WORTH investment to ACCELERATE your HOBBY, PASSION or to start your own  BUSINESS.

CONFECTIONS have become a total luxurious experience that not only satisfies your palate but your eyes too & this is what has become more important now a days, as the latest trends of flavouring, detailing & presentation has gone beyond the regular taste notes to artisan chocolates.

So why wait, Bet your passion too & become a Chocolatier, whether you are amateur or a confident professional, D'CHOCOLATIERE ACADEMY will help you learn the Artisan Chocolate & Confections.  Claim your registration now, as the seats are strictly on first come first serve basis.

D’CHOCOLATIERE ACADEMY, is a inspiration of its Principal owner Ms. Deepika Namdev, a International Chocolatier, graduated from Belgiums finest Chocolate Academy & trained under Star Chef & World Chocolate Masters. After completing masters in International Business Operations & having worked in core management in corporate companies for more than 15 years, she has taken her interest in Chocolatiere ahead as her profession, to which she calls it her day & night obsession. Chocolate is just not a piece of sweet, but a whole world of experience to share and memoir, of the art that reflects on this luscious ingredient, she says.

What attracts & fascinates now is the fineness & artistic approach to the new group of customers, to satisfy their sweet tooth. Gone those days when it was just a bite size chocolate, the world wide culture of using chocolate has gone beyond the small size and taking shift to making challenging artistic chocolate sculptures, entremets, palatable engraved desserts, French & Turkish snacking with significant & experimental changes in flavourful infusions.

While the chocolate industry is taking a boom in the Indian market, the enthusiasm of learning how to make it & sell it yourself is also a effort on which people are investing on. The larger group of women have converted their interest into ENTREPRENEURSHIP by just DIY, thanks to the internet daddy, who teaches us a ton of topics, but still at the end  - you remain wondering with that missing knowledge, as you ended up somewhere with concerns, on why things are not working around, the way it showed up online ! Thats where the need of learning arises under a PROFESSIONAL, as you get to learn the right techniques to DIY in right way. We save a lot for buying or think a lot before investing, but if you invest on your interest - you invest on yourself - this is the only formula that works for you, if you are serious about yourself. AT D'CHOCOLATIERE ACADEMY you will be a part of this changing era of eating delectable Chocolates!